Product Feature

  1. Heavy-duty eartag applicator is used to put ear tags on ears of pigs, sheep, cattle, goat  etc.
  2. First Grade top quality TUNGSTEN alloy material, with outer high-grade painting material, rust-proof and durable.
  3. Eartag pin can be turned 90 degrees to prevent the pin from being broken when the animal pull its ear during application
  4. With Free accessories for replacement
  5. Beautifully designed that fits with the user’s hand, automatic lock , energy saving and easy to operate
  6. Outstandingly precise & non-recycled raw material, non-toxic and enviromental friendly
  7. Universal, suitable for all kinds of ear tags .

How to Use

  • Suitably restrain the pig, cattle, goat, sheep, etc.
  • Clean the skin with alcohol or surgical spirit
  • Unlock the applicator to open the mouth
  • Insert the male tag (with protrusion) on the pin of the applicator
  • Insert the female tag (with hole) on the opposite end without pin
  • Apply the tag to the center of the ear, taking care to avoid veins.
  • Ensure the tag will be applied in single application

Product Details

  1. Material alloy steel
    Length 24*6.5*2.4cm
    Weight 350g