Product Features

  1. Made up of Stainless Steel blade, quick to heat and no electric shocks. Easy to operate, cauterizes the wound in seconds.
  2. All in one knife blade design
  3. 1 cm card slot design, especially for cutting pig tail
  4. It includes insulating rubber sheath for user’s safety.
  5. It has an on-off switch design.

How to Use:

  • Before cutting the tail of piglets, need to pre-heat the blade for  3-5 mins.
  • Cut the  2/3 of the tail. It automatically cauterizes the wound to prevent blood from coming out.
  •  Keep out from liquid substances during use .
  • Clean the blade for next use

Product Details:


Material 304 Stainless steel
Power 220v, 80w
Electric current 0.4mA
Net weight 525g
Max temperature 500ºC
Heating time 380ºC(3-5mins)