The MZA Ear tag marker pen is used to put a mark on the ear tags for livestocks. It is made up of plastic and fiber polymer materials.

  1. The pen’s ink will  last long before necessary refill because it has sufficient ink, and it is durable

  2. The pen’s tip is soft and easy to write

  3. MZA Ear tag marker pen ink is waterproof, clear and long-lasting

  4. Black ink has a sunscreen function and can be used in any environment.

When the MZA ear tag marker is not in use, please cover the cap to prevent damage to the nib and prevent ink evaporation, so as to avoid long-term exposure to the air that will reduce the life of the ear marker.

Product Details:

Name: ear tag marker pen
Material: TPU
Type: ear tag pen
Usage: marking on ear tag
Color: black