Care of Baby Pigs | Ep. 1 Viddavet Live

Tools and equipments for Piglet Processing

Welcome to the First Episode of Viddavet Live, a weekly show dedicated for hog raisers and future hog raisers who want to gain new knowledge and discounts in swine farming.

On this Episode, Mai Bamba featured tools and equipments that can be used for the care and management of piglets.

Watch the replay of this week’s episode below.

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Use the timestamps below to fast-forward to our tools on Piglet Procesing in the replay above.

  • 6:10 Surgical Stainless Steel
  • 10:32 Surgical Stainless Forceps
  • 14:30 Stainless Teeth Cutter
  • 18:09 Stainless Piglet Earnotcher
  • 23:36 Big Crayon Marker
  • 27:57 10 mL Fiberglass Syringe + Free 1 dozen needles
  • 33:24 20 mL Fiberglass Syringe + Free 1 dozen needles
  • 38:08 Heavy duty Electric Stainless Tail Cutter
  • 46:28 Stainlees Electric Tail Cutter with Switch
  • 48:19 Scalpel blade with Plastic Handle
  • 52:38 Hang-type Castration Tool
  • 54:50 Stainless Heavy duty Castration Tool

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