Our mission

We intend to become the premiere online provider of useful products and services in the animal industry to help the animal raisers / owners realize the full potential on their income and satisfaction. 

Our values

We value integrity, honesty, excellence, professionalism and open-mindedness. These will help us to achieve our vision and mission statement.


Viddavet trading was conceptualized as an offshoot of David Swine A.I. Center, Inc. (Davsaic). Davsaic has been providing pig artificial insemination (A.I.) services in the Philippines for more than 20 years now. Because of this, more than 6,000 hog raisers experienced improve genetics using Davsaic quality A.I. boar semen. Also, in 2007, Davsaic provided pig supplies and veterinary medicines to its customer hog raisers to meet their demands and requests. This resulted to establishing a new company, Viddavet trading, to serve the needs of hog raisers in having quality pig housing supplies and equipments, veterinary drugs and vaccines to further improve and increae the productivity and efficiency of hog raisers. After more than 10 years of existence, Viddavet trading not only serves the hog industry but also the livestock and companion animal industry in the Philippines.



Ceo / Founder

Our CEO/Founder is a Veterinary Swine Practitioner for more than 20 years from UP at Los Banos and has more than 10 years experience in Management teams from different companies in the Philippines. His commitment to provide the best product and services to hog raisers is unequaled. 

jeremiah d. parungao
hr & admin manager

Our Admin Manager makes sure that customer-oriented programs and  policies of the company are properly executed to give maximum customer satisfaction and boost the morale of the employees of Viddavet Trading. She also hires only the best people to help the company achieve its vision and mission statement.

ceng cruz
Customer Support

Our excellent customer service is doing her best to satisfy customer needs and provide timely information to help customers in their buying journey. Moreover, she gets feedbacks from customers to help the company improve continuously in providing superb customer experience

You’re in good company

What customers say about us….

I have a Bengal and this carrier from Viddavet is perfect for people to admire him without making the situation stressful. The carrier is well built and well ventilated. It’s not heavy or bulky as I thought it may be. Theres enough room at the entrance for him to walk in. Comes with a pad for the bottom and. Thanks Viddavet

I like the product very much. I was really exited before i receive this. But when i got it . Its  wonderful . I order for my brother in law he was really happy. And very fast shipped and delivered. Thanks…